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Following Up

Date May 25, 2011 Comment No Comments

Mike Lyons – online expert to the real estate industry – spoke at the Master Builders Association today. A couple of key take-aways:

1. Of 261 new home communities that advertise online, only 56% of online inquiries were responded to, leaving 46% of those who want to know more about a community GETTING NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Huh.
2. Of the same 261 new home communities, only 32% of those who submitted a query online were called. Seriously. 68% of the people who self identified as a prospect, never heard a word from the company, a site agent, or anyone associated with selling one of the most important purchases most Americans will ever make. Wow.

The stats Mike served up went on and on.

Bottom line: Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Just reaching out, calling, emailing, and somehow acknowledging that someone requested info from your site puts you in a very elite group.

So, how do you follow up? And is it time to define a tighter system to ensure you are available to those who want to buy?

Good lessons for all of us accountable for profitability.

Blog consistently.

The new logo for the Gap was so bad I was convinced it was a PR stunt. How could a company that has created such memorable classic commercials about khakis and jeans create such a bad 1970′s logo? If my nephew (who is currently in art school) showed me that logo as his solution to anything, I would have to tell him the sad news that graphic design is just not his thing. The public backlash was amazing! (can anyone SAY WA?) Someone even came up with a website that creates your very own Gapitized logo with whatever you type in. As I suspected, the Gap quickly went back to it’s blue boxed logo after so much online criticism. read more… Ask a designer to redo a bad design and you get this kind of response!

After having coffee last week, Lorraine Howell was kind enough to write a little something about our conversation. Revealed is my secret sauce for getting more clients (psst! it’s all about connecting with people).

Check it out here.

Marketing Next

Date July 24, 2010 Comment No Comments

Check out the article below for powerful thoughts on the distinction of “content creation” and “content curation.”

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Providing insanely good content -  original or vetted wisdom – can help separate you from the pack. Now, the question is how to get great content in the hands of the right people at the right time….. but that’s a topic for another day.

Enjoy this article!

What do they see?

Get out your calendar and block out 20 minutes some time in the next week.


When that day and time comes I want you to do the following 10 things.

1. Forget who you are

2. Forget what you do

3. Google yourself.

4. Open a new tab on your browser.

5. Find yourself on FB.

6. Open a new tab on your browser.

7. Find yourself on LinkedIn.

8. Now, open a Word Doc.

9. Start taking notes

What do you see?

What does this person do?

Are they good at it?

Do they have a large network?

Are they “missing online”?

10. Write a summary about “you” based on what you’ve found.

And then ask this question “Is what people uncover about me online aligned, authentic and accurate? If so, bravo. If not, it may be time to invest in your brand.

Blogging 101

Date June 11, 2010 Comment No Comments

Yesterday I posted a little something about blogging over at Come take a peek.

I am seeing two trends right now.

1. It’s time to retool and re-engage. Last week I met with a new client who has been a consultant for 9 years. He’s weathered the storm. Now he sees where to shift, adjust, and refocus his expertise. He hired us to design a brand to powerfully positions him in this refined space within his field.

During our meeting, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “I know this is the time. I have an opportunity now to set myself up for massive growth in the next 6 to 18 months. I have to get started now.”

Music to my ears.

2. It’s time to launch. Another new client is a gentleman who retired after building a business that did a billion in sales over 7 years. His little ones are toddlers now, and he’s ready to get back in the game. His goal this time around is even bigger – build a million person team in 24 months. And he’ll do it. With the right messaging, brand identity and wicked smart implementation (we’re working with one of top internet marketers in the world to launch his brand) he’ll hit the target.

What links these two very different men, and very different business models together is this; they both see opportunity in their space, and they are going after it.

So I wonder. Where are the opportunities that are right under your nose, and what are you doing to go get ‘em?

Maria Ross, author of Branding Basics for Small Business and the owner of Red Slice offers a very powerful explanation of ‘brand.”

Worth your time. See it here.